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Holding a goblet of technically perfect products and cherry-picking the best talents of the industry, Alexander and Timur - the founder duos, introduced Intspirit, as a place where employees are treated much more than a resource. Let’s check out what the best Intspirit holds for its clients as well as its employees, in an interview with GoodFirms - a leading review and rating portal that connects tech businesses.

Intspirit is a 12-year-old outsourcing and outstaffing venture specializing in web and mobile app development. It is headquartered in Yerevan, Armenia, and hosts other offices in Los Angeles, Texas and Russia.

Since 2009, the company has served more than 198 businesses of all sizes and the average age of a developer or engineer employed in the company is 5+ years and tech lead up to 15+ years. That is simply amazing and takes one to heart knowing more about the company that has strong hands in B2B/B2C platforms, SaaS solutions, and many other sectors.

Let’s explore more in this GoodFirms interview conducted with Alexander Avanesov, the CEO and Founder of Intspirit.

Alexander Avanesov initiates the interview by informing about the expertise of Intspirit in the field of providing high-tech software engineering services to their global clientele. He said they believe in developing a robust, scalable, and perfect web and mobile application that ensures absolute client satisfaction. Blizzard Entertainment, Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., Warner Bros., PetroChina, and other well-known start-ups are among their most valuable customers.

Intspirit : Happy Employees and Delighted Customers

During the discussion, Alexander claimed that he has a strong technical background and has worked in various IT organizations during his initial days, where he met Timur, the company’s co-founder. Their thoughts matched when both of them wanted to build a place where employees are treated well and are allowed to have a full work-life balance and therefore, Intspirit came into existence. Inspirit believes in treating their employees with respect and dignity so that they treat their customers in an excellent manner.

Business Model and Company’s Unique Customer-Centric Approach

With paying special attention to hiring every single candidate, the entire team in the company works in-house. Perfect coding, quality services within accurate timings, daily reports, and Friday demos makes the company different from others. From development to deployment, they are always ready to help and support. Special discounts are given to regular customers and free development facility is given to first-time customers within two weeks of confirmation. And of course, an option of denial is also there if a client does not like to go further. This is indeed exceptional when no other company offers such an opportunity.

Industries Catered and Services Offered

Alexander proudly claims that they get repeated customers in almost 40% of the cases. He said they are mostly approached for acquiring custom software development, SaaS applications, or CRM systems development solutions.

Customer Satisfaction is the Ultimate Goal

Mr. CEO and his company give top priority to understanding their customers’ requirements and maintaining communication is the key to their success. He once again claimed that 99% of customers are fully satisfied with the results they deliver.

The company stands among the top web and mobile app development company in Armenia in GoodFirms portal and the client review displayed below proves how valuable Intspirit has been for their business venture.

Intspirit is always connected to its customers via instant messengers, Slack, and phones. The company even adjusts its work hours to deal with clients from different time zones.

Payment Structure

According to Alexander, they usually accept hourly rates and flexible payments only for the time spent on the project. Still, other modes of payment can be considered if the client demands.

The company hasn’t set any minimum budget and prefers large projects only. They charged a minimum budget of $30,000 for a small project they did for a regular client and total revenue of $3,000,000 for a custom software development project completed in 2021 after 2 years.

Future Prospects

The CEO concludes the interview on a positive note sharing the plans of the company. He claimed that they always want to see their clients happy with increasing their satisfied client base and they will do everything to achieve this goal.

This covers an excerpt of the interview taken by GoodFirms, the detailed interview can be obtained at the GoodFirms profile page of the company.

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